Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar


Full Stack Developer


2019 - Present

MERN Stack Developer

Responsible for Develop Web, App and Software.

About Me

Highly skilled Full Stack Developer with 3 years of experience specializing in the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js). Demonstrated expertise in developing and
delivering scalable web applications and solutions. Proficient in both front-end and back-end development, with a strong understanding of software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies and best practices.

Professional Experience

Dasham Medicare Pvt Ltd | Software Developer 2019 – Present

Equipped with a solid foundation in designing and implementing RESTful APIs, integrating third- Party libraries and APIs, and optimizing application performance. Experienced in collaborating with cross-functional teams, including designers, product managers, and QA engineers, to ensure seamless project execution and timely delivery. Proven ability to quickly grasp new technologies, troubleshoot complex issues, and provide innovative solutions. Committed to
continuous learning and staying updated with the latest industry trends and advancements. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, fostering effective collaboration and maintaining productive relationships with stakeholders.

Key Skills
  • MERN Stack Development
  • Front-end Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Back-end Development (Node.js, Express.js)
  • React.js and Redux
  • RESTful API Development
  • UI/UX Design Principles
  • Agile/Scrum Methodologies
  • Problem Solving and Troubleshooting
  • Cross-functional Collaboration


May 2022- December 2022

Engineering Fellow at Pesto Tech 2022

  • Built many small applications like a Todo
    list, and URL shorteners using React JS
    with Tailwind CSS.
  • Developed an application using React
    JS with Redux for offices to rent space for
    team meetings and other office-related
  • I am well-versed in React concepts like
    custom hooks, functional components,
    React routers, HOCs, etc.

Masters in Computer Application Completed in 2019 from Brainware University Kolkata


Bachelor of Sciences, in Information Technology Completed in 2015 From Brainware Kolkata


Secondary from B.S.E.B Patna


JavaScript, CSS, HTML 90%
Frontend Libraries & Frameworks
React JS, Redux, Tailwind CSS 90%
Backend Libraries & Frameworks
Node JS, Express JS 90%
MongoDB 90%
Jest, React Testing Library 90%
Figma, Git, GitHub 95%
AWS 60%